Office Hours

Five tips to sharpen your storytelling and demonstrate the best value of your data science experiments.

I know… Slides. Most data scientists hate building them. It is frustrating because you spend loads of time designing them and, often, the results are not as good as you expect. But don't be sad, I am here to help you make your slide-building funnier.

As you may have already…

Although data science became popular with the advances in machine learning and AI, science is a much broader topic.

In the past few years, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and ultimately data science rose as the buzzword of the industry.

Of course, there is a reason for this phenomenon. New algorithms and new hardware made complex prediction systems affordable for many companies. It's not hard to find a use case…

Jonas Dias

Head of data science @ Evergen and aspiring writer, living in Australia. Passionate about innovation and creativity.

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